Animal Allies of TexasHi, my name is Tigger and I want to give ya’ll a Texas size howdy, and let ya’ll know that my AAT feline buddies are always hanging out at Highland Village Petco. We have great accommodations there, three large living spaces to run between, toys to play with, hammocks to nap in, and of course huge windows to watch the world through. It’s not as good as your home of course, but I’ll take a roof over my head and a belly full of food over the alternative any day. The folks at AAT sure do treat us well.

We like to make sure all us kitties at AAT get a chance to stay in the Highland Village accommodations, it’s like a vacation from our foster home, so you never know which of us you’ll find there. I do know this though, it doesn’t matter which sweet kitties are staying at Highland Village, we’d love for you to stop by and say hi, howdy, meow, or just give us a big smile and a belly rub. We hope you’ll stop by the next time you are in the neighborhood.

Find AAT adoptable cats at the Highland Village PetCo every day:
Address: 3194 FM 407, Highland Village, TX 75077
Phone:(972) 317-3268