When you have found a pet that you are interested in adopting please take the time to learn about the breed. The breed should be a good fit with your family to ensure a successful adoption. For example, a young lab that has a lot of energy probably will not be a good fit for a family of couch potatoes. A better fit for that family may be a Bassett Hound. It’s tempting to decide by the “look” of a breed, but that could spell disaster down the road.After you have researched the breed your next step will be to fill out and submit our online application. Please be as thorough as possible and put a lot of thought into telling us what kind of qualities and characteristics you are looking for in a pet. Our goal is to match our pets to the perfect family for them. Pets may need different things from a home in order to be successful and happy. For instance, some pets need a quiet household, some are happiest when there are other pets in the family to play with and some are best as the only pet.

After we receive and review your application we will be in touch with you to tell you if your application was approved. If it is approved the foster family of the pet you are interested in will contact you to discuss your application, answer any questions that you have and possibly arrange a home visit.

Everyone who lives in your household should be there for the home visit. The foster parent will bring the pet to your home to meet your family and your current pets (if any), see how everyone interacts and make sure you have a safe environment for the pet. Because they know the animal so well they will also decide if your family seems like a good fit for their foster pet.

We sometimes have multiple applicants for the same animal. Please remember that it is not “first come, first served”… rather it is the BEST home for the animal. We take the responsibility of choosing the best home for our foster pets very seriously. After all, if we make a bad choice they (and you!) must live with our decision.

If your family is approved to adopt you will have a two week “trial” period in which he/she will live with your family. When the pet begins their trial period you will sign a contract with the foster parent and give them a check for the adoption fee. If at the end of the two week trial you and the foster parent agree that the adoption should be finalized it will be made final. At this time your check will be deposited and we will mail a copy of the pet’s medical records to you. Or if for any reason the decision is made by you or the foster parent that the pet should be return to AAT the foster parent will pick up the pet and your check will be returned to you.

Adoption fees:
Dogs – $175
Cats – $110

View our online application.