Meet Batman


Hi… I’m Batman. I am a loving loyal pup who is looking for his own home and crime fighting partners. I am only 11 months old and already am a big strong crime fighter. I am an Akita mix so I am strong, loyal, loving and most of all protective. I love kids and am getting used to small dogs and cats while at my foster home. Now despite the myth of solitude given to crime fighters like myself, I love to be with my family and get tons of love and pats. I am an energetic sort who loves to play and jump, as a crime fighter I have had my bad days and once about 6 months ago I was broadsided by a metal beast, but I bested him and my broken bones have healed nicely. I would enjoy being your protector and best of all you wouldn’t need to install your own bat signal because I will always be by your side.
Hope to be your crime fighting partner soon,


PS Please go to and fill out an application for me today!