Meet Dylan

Hi from Dylan!

I haven’t had too much of the good life. I am a little over 6 years old and I have spent pretty much the entire time alone in a back yard. No attention. No one to play with. Just basic food and water. I can’t say what happened, but my owner did take me to the vet when he noticed my back was raw. I was missing my fur and my back was a mess. He didn’t want to spend the money on me so he gave me to the nice lady vet.

She spent a lot of time and effort getting me back to good health. So now I’m on the mend and looking for a new home. I’ve been living in a foster home and it’s really great! I’ve learned how to be a dog — I play with toys, I play with the other dogs and even the cat, and I’ve learned that not all people are bad. I sit in laps and come to be petted. Who says an older dog can’t learn new stuff?!

I am still going to be treated for heartworms — no heartworm preventative for me in my previous life — but I am a pretty quiet dog anyway so my treatment shouldn’t be too bad. They tell me I have to rest a lot and walk on a leash, but I like to do that anyway!

If you have a fairly quiet home and an empty lap, please put your application in for me, DYLAN. I would love to meet you!