Meet Gracie

Hi, my name is Gracie. The vet guesses I was born in the Spring of 2014. I still have some puppy behavior. I was seriously attacked and injured by another animal, probably a pack of dogs. I could not walk or stand. I dragged myself through a pasture into a lady’s shed. She and a couple of other people fed, cared for, and loved me back to health. Some injuries persist and might take a long time to heal. Some of those injuries are mental as well as physical. I skip and hop like a rabbit, but I get around really well and really fast.

I am afraid of loud noises, fireworks, strange and loud men, and fast movements. I am uneasy with strangers but I can warm up. I’m not sure of cats and have tried to chase them. I am not allowed to chase the house cats; they fight back with teeth and claws. The big tabby has even snuggled with me, probably in an attempt to steal my food. The big screaming bird is an annoyance to me. I bark at him but will then run away. The goat is a scary demon that sticks her tongue out at me and head buts me. I will run and hide from what I perceive as danger even if that is not what it is or where I am supposed to be. I do not like to stay outside. I do not like to be outside alone. If left too long I will panic and find a place to hide. I will even get up under the house (which was once under pinned). I am shy and skittish but I want to fit in. It takes patience to work with me, but I can be worked with. I have never growled at my foster mom. I will bark and have been known to talk back. I make grunting, gurgling and growling noises when I play.

I love to play with toys. I will squeak my squeaky toys all night. I am no longer allowed to have soft toys since I like to shred them up. I will chase balls and catch them. I will not bring the balls or other toys back all the time. When ordered to return the toy, I fuss and whimper even after I drop it. I love to play chase. I can move around really well, even with my slow healing injuries.

I know commands. I can sit, stay, lie down, roll, play dead, go to my bed, run, potty, drop ball, go in the house, go to the other side of the yard, sit and wait on my food bowl and wait to be told when to eat. I even know what ‘no’ means. However, I am too smart for my own good. I will do what I want when I want and ignore you some times. I am food and toy driven. Some of these commands I knew already and some I have learned very quickly because I am driven to please. I am housetrained and I have never gone in the house. My puppy side tells me to chew but I am learning to curb that habit. Baths are cool and pools are better. I love to dig right after, before, and during my pool time. I also dig when I am looking for hidden treasure that I am sure has to be under the carport or the dog house. Car rides are so enjoyable. But you can’t leave the window down because I am curious and will lean out too far and even step out.

A perfect home for me would be with a playmate, older child, lots of toys, and a big fenced yard to run with a friend. A perfect home would allow me to be a house dog. I am willing to work and learn new things as long as the training is not aggressive or loud. If you would consider me for your new furry child I assure you I would make the best friend ever. I promise I will come with the happiest face and a long wagging tail. I am a little skittish so I might not be good with young children. Please come see me! You will fall in love