Meet Jake

HI, I’m Jake! Some say I can insure you fall in love with me; I say I just love giving kisses! I can be a bit scared of new people because I worry they might not like me as much as I like them. But enough of that, can we go on a walk or play with some toys? I Love to play! But when we go out to places I always make sure to stay close to my foster mom. I love to be with my people! (That’s why I’ve become such a master escape artist. It’s not that I’m running away. I just don’t like my people to be out of kissing range.)

My foster mom says that I’m 100% puppy. Who knows what that means? She also likes to take the good toys that she calls “shoes” out of my mouth. Maybe one day I’ll figure out why…. I’m sleepy now, so I’ll be in my crate. I can’t wait to meet my new family! Please complete an online application and ask for me, JAKE!