Animal Allies of Texas is a 501(c)(3) animal advocacy/rescue organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life in our community. Our goal is to build a no-kill shelter on enough land to house not only “adoptable” animals, but “treatable” ones as well – those who need medical care or behavior modification to become adoptable. While working toward this goal, we engage in community service and humane education projects to help bring about “humanity championed by thought.” AAT relies solely on a dedicated group of volunteers to operate. If you are interested in joining us in any capacity you will find it a rewarding experience. Please view our volunteer page to find out how you can help.

The Saving Grace Fund

Bait dog rescued by Animal Allies of Texas
Grace was a young dog, probably used as a bait dog, who was dumped in a metal scrap yard. She was covered with bite wounds and emaciated. A Good Sam took her in to a veterinary hospital and donated money towards her care. Animal Allies of Texas took over her care. Sadly, Grace passed away within a few days because of the severe infection causing uncontrollable seizures.

This fund is dedicated in her memory for animals who have no one who is able to care for them. Our Board of Directors decides on a case-by-case basis of how the funds are distributed. To date, funds have been used to help treat puppies from a shelter for parvo, to help with hospital costs for a dog whose owner was on a very limited income, and for a badly injured cat who showed up on someone’s doorstep at night, crying for help.

If you would like to donate to our “Saving Grace Fund” donations can be sent through PayPal or checks mailed to P.O. Box 496385, Garland, TX, 75049-6385. Please designate your donation with Grace’s name. Thank you for helping us help the helpless! Read more and donate…

About Town: Highland Village

Animal Allies of TexasHi, my name is Tigger and I want to give ya’ll a Texas size howdy, and let ya’ll know that my AAT feline buddies are always hanging out at Highland Village Petco. We have great accommodations there, three large living spaces to run between, toys to play with, hammocks to nap in, and of course huge windows to watch the world through. It’s not as good as your home of course, but I’ll take a roof over my head and a belly full of food over the alternative any day. The folks at AAT sure do treat us well. We’d love for you to stop by and say hi, howdy, meow, or just give us a big smile and a belly rub. We hope you’ll stop by the next time you are in the neighborhood. Read more…

Things to consider before you adopt

Adoption is the one and only option you should consider when bringing a new furry member into your family. However, adoption is not to be taken lightly. When adopting an animal you are making a long term commitment. Adoption should never be an impulse decision, nor should it be a decision you make for someone else. Read the 21 questions you should ask yourself before committing to an adoption.

AAT is a proud ambassador to Purina’s Rally to Rescue program.


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